Mediji poročajo o nenavadnem sodelovanju med digitalnim velikanom Amazon in ameriško policijo.

The tool, called Rekognition, is already being used by at least one agency — the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon — to check photographs of unidentified suspects against a database of mug shots from the county jail, which is a common use of such technology around the country (vir).

Wired sporoča, da je področje algoritemskega videonadzora… brez nadzora.

More than two dozen nonprofits wrote to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to ask that he stop selling the technology to police, after the ACLU of Northern California revealed documents to shine light on the sales. The letter argues that the technology will inevitably be misused, accusing the company of providing “a powerful surveillance system readily available to violate rights and target communities of color.”

The revelation highlights a key question: What laws or regulations govern police use of the facial-recognition technology? The answer: more or less none (vir)

Guardian pa opozarja, da je tehnologija algoritemskega videonadzora izrazito nenatančna.

The Met used facial recognition at the 2017 Notting Hill carnival, where the system was wrong 98% of the time, falsely telling officers on 102 occasions it had spotted a suspect (vir).

Kitajci pa se nam samo smejijo.

Facial recognition equipment enabled security personnel to spot a suspect at Cheung’s April 7 concert in Nanchang. Police were able to pinpoint the 31-year-old suspect in a crowd of 60,000. The cameras were installed before the event, ostensibly to help prevent crime and stampedes, according to police — they say they did not anticipate using it to find and arrest a fugitive (vir)