We’ve decided to mix it up at our last stop in StartIT coworking center in Belgrade and instead of doing four separate talks we did a round table discussion with active audience participation.

Andrej Petrovski (SHARE foundation), Slobodan Marković (United Nations Development Program) talked with Domen Savič (Državljan D) started the discussion by sharing their opening views on the matters of artificial intelligence, big data, digital privacy and the smart city concept.

In the second half the three of them sat down for a dicussion with the audience, sharing thoughts on the political aspect of IT development globally and in the Balkan region, emphasising the importance of policy development, tech regulation and legal framework but also the role of active society, developers and users.

This wrapped up the #socraTECH tour which visited Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo and Beograd in four weeks, bringing together audiences from the legal, tech, NGO and general public, enabling a vibrant and cross-interest debate about one of the most important topics of information society.

#socraTECH tour is supported by Zavarovalnica Triglav