The second stop of the #socraTECH tour took us to Poligon coworking space (Ljubljana, Slovenia) where the speakers met with very colorful audience of legal experts, tech representatives and humanists. Domen Savič opened up the meetup with a talk on the supposed neutrality of technology which does not exists in practice. “We must be careful when we discuss technological development as if this is set in stone and nothing can be done to alter the course,” he warned.

Matjaž Drev followed up with a talk about the information society regulation and selfregulation challenges, giving the audience tips on how to utilize the GDRP directive and how to be GDPR compliant. The second part of the meetup started with a part two on smart cities, this time focusing on personal privacy. Savič stressed the importance of regulation framework that needs to be setup before the smart city technology becomes omnipresent and “boring”.

Wrapping up the meetup was Lenart Kučić with his thoughts on artificial intelligence and smart algorithms regulations, the history of algorithmic regulation and the possible problems that will develop in the future.

#socraTECH tour, supported by Zavarovalnica Triglav is visiting Sarajevo next and finishing up in Beograd a week after that.