Last week the tour took us to Sarajevo, where we opened up the meetup in Hub387 with Vladan Joler’s talk on responsibility within the information society which is still based in a physical society that needs physical artefacts to function. The opening keynote was followed by the third part of the “Smart City, dumb idea” talk which focused on the problem of social exclusion in the smart city concept and how to tackle it.

In the second half, we first heard Fedja Kulenović talk about problems with big data and the handler’s responsibility, which emphasised  human responsibility and called for limitations of data-gathering. The meetup was wrapped up by Mario Hibert who tackled the problem of artificial intelligence in human society, omnipresent technology and the human factor in the information society.

After the talks there was a lively discussion developing among the speakers and the audience, debating the problem of education in information society, the challenges of responsible tech development and regulation and the political aspect of the tech development.

#socraTECH tour, supported by Zavarovalnica Triglav is wrapping up this week in Belgrade!