The #socraTECH tour first stop was inHub385 (Zagreb, Croatia) where the audience of developers, designers and other interested parties debated the algorithms, smart cities, big data and privacy regulation.

“We have to stop focusing on the fixing part of the process where we are always waiting for a new disaster to emerge only to try and patch it up as quickly as possible,” Domen Savič adressed the audience in his opening speech. “Ethics of the development process matter, without them we are putting too much trust into the hands of the developers with absolutely no mechanism to do anything when things go wrong,” followed up the keynote speaker of the event, Filip Dobranić.

“We cannot expect a silver bullet solution to appear, fixing everything at once,” added Matjaž Drev from the office of slovene information commisioner in his talk about regulation and responsibilites while Marko Rakar provided several actual examples on how the pervasive and unregulated technologies is causing more and more problems in everyday lives. Savič brought up the topic of problematic smart city development where too much emphasis is given to the technodeterministic side of the argument while almost nobody is talking about issues related to data regulation, personal privacy and surveillance.

#socraTECH tour, supported by Zavarovalnica Triglav is visiting Ljubljana next and then travelling to Sarajevo and Beograd.