TECHtacles festival

Join us in three international online discussions based around the surveillance society and its many tentacles!

From the corona tracing apps that create more problems than offer solutions to the vast industry of surveillance advertising to the depths of biometric surveillance industry that is creeping up on us and the questionable corona pandemic techno-solutions, these three online debates offer a great opportunity to discuss, compare notes and debate solutions to these social issues of today.

Joining NGOs from all around the world, the Citizen D institute is organising three debates with respectable guests from different countries that focus on these issues, highlighting the social impact of technologies and the neccessity to address these problems in an open forum. Join us to hear the debates and pose your own questions you have on addressed issues.

Check the details below and we hope to see you soon!

Corona pandemic opened up a privacy Pandora’s box in many ways, mobile corona apps being the most prevalent one.

Apps are being developed left and right with the goal to curb the pandemic, introduce a digital covid-19 passports and more.

At the same time, the effectiveness of apps helping curb the pandemic is being questioned as activists, developers and legal experts warn about the rising corona appdemic surveillance system all over the world.

Join us in a debate with:

Fabio Chiusi (AlgorithmWatch)

They’re everywhere. Digital advertising has become one of the key platforms for surveillance capitalism which follows the digital user everywhere the user goes.

Social media platforms, online media, search engines and other corners of the web are permeated with advertising technology that gathers an obscene amount of data about the digital users, their habbits, geolocation and other aspects of their lives.

How do we deal with this issue, what are the negative consequences and who’s responsible for the situation we are currently in?

Join us in a debate with:

Karolina Iwańska, Panoptykon Foundation

They are coming for your face and other physical characteristics. Biometric surveillance grows rampant in almost every sector of our public lives, from security to retail stores, from work places to our private domiciles. Why is biometric surveillance an ever-growing problem, how do we address it from a political and how from a consumer position and what can we expect moving forward?

Join us in a debate with:

Matthias Marx, a research associate in the Security in Distributed Systems (SVS) research group at University of Hamburg, Department of Computer Science and
Filip Milošević, Research And Development Specialist, SHARE foundation